Battle Tanks of the Cretaceous

One Hour Documentary

In a prehistoric meadow, two combatants square off. One is T-Rex, the biggest apex predator ever. The other is a hidden mass of spikes and armor that may have been one of the most badass creatures to ever walk the earth.


For more than a century, paleontologists have had tantalizing glimpses of a weaponized dinosaur that even the mighty T-Rex feared: the ankylosaurus. For decades, clues were found: a skull, a tail, a few bones or a torso.

Now the Royal Ontario Museum is about to uncover "Zuul", the only complete ankylosaurus ever found  - If the team can flip a thirty-ton block of rock without having it split apart. But Zuul is only one of a raft of incredible new discoveries, from a "dinosaur mummy" to microscopic elements never seen before, to finally seeing the biggest ankylosaurus ever found. High end CGI will extrapolate these discoveries, changing our view of several ankylosaurids, and radically expanding our understanding of one nasty dinosaur.

Zuul will also allow scientists to model exactly how it's tail club worked and the force it could generate. With CT scans of T-Rex leg bones and new analysis of movement we will be able to model and see the answer to the question could Zuul take down a T-Rex?

From the dig sites in the hills to cellular analysis in laboratories, Battle Tanks of the Cretaceous ties together new science and secrets of the world's first complete ankylosaurus as they are uncovered. The one hour documentary will answer a century old mystery, giving a clear picture of an ancient battle for survival, who won - and who lost.

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